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Liz forwarded this e-mail to me today.

Don’t know who edited the story you all did about the family getting a stem-cell transplant for their dog, but you might want to let the reporter and editor know that CNBC picked it up. Here’s the link.

She added a little note:
AP picked it up and CNBC got it that way.


I wrote the story, my last one at the Missourian. And am obviously thrilled and ready to go out and celebrate.

The end; the begining

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It’s over. I’m going back to Spain, then to London for a semester and then time will tell.

After this week, I will no longer be a reporter at the Columbia Missourian, the first newspaper I ever wrote for.

I don’t want to work in a local newspaper. In fact, I don’t see a meaning to my deeple-rooted journalistic vocation if it doesn’t include more ambitious (not necessarily better or more honorable) topics. International, socially involved journalism or, alternatively, topics that have to do with culture or social trends and transformation are the ones I find most appealing. My experience at the Missourian hasn’t made me change my mind about those preferences.

The right angle

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“You are a magazine writer, buddy.”

That comment, not a very nice one to hear when one is in a newspaper’s newsroom, is the one Liz made when she first saw my story about the experimental stem cell procedure that took place at the Columbia Pet Hospital last Friday. She liked the lede, the style and the story, but it was long and risky, and I took longer than I should have to turn it in to her.

The lede was written from the heart and it contained references to cinema and to the movie The sea inside (don’t ever read my blog again if you haven’t seen it or plan to do it within the next two hours), as a way setting the reader up for the angle that I decided to treat the story from. It read: